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I was born and educated in South Australia (Degree in Fine Art Painting, 1975) and now work from my studio in SE Cornwall.
For nearly 30 years, I painted and farmed in rural Portugal, surrounded by cork, olive, pine and eucalyptus groves. The ongoing series of works, entitled “Flickers” are a legacy of this experience.
These semi-representational paintings reflect my interest in light changing with the movement of the branches, the interplay of shadows on leaves and the perception of a sky bursting through the negative spaces and led to an investigation into pure abstraction.
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The dynamic, purely abstract paintings use shifting layers to evoke a sense of time and use light and colour to construct an aesthetic of a beautiful disintegration and reinvention.
I now paint in both genres, harnessing the inherent structure of nature into a fragmented, highly atmospheric geometry.
My work is about abstraction from nature and the nature of abstraction, how ways of seeing become ways of thinking.