Painter Lee Panizza's artistic process involves making abstraction from nature as well as understanding the nature of abstraction. References to light and weather infuse her work...."
Williams Sonoma Home decor, interior design, California, USA

"(Lee Panizza is) an artist who uses emotional response to turn weather systems and landscape flux into powerful abstract artwork"
Jennifer Akinsuyi, gallerist, JonaquestArt Gallery, LONDON

" I like (her works') strong abstract construction mixed with soft vegetal spirit in a vibration of natural light ."
Private Collector, Burgundy, FRANCE

"Geometries and light fight between them on the canvas by creating a kaleidoscope of different sizes and planes that are "Ingeresque" in a vibrant and dynamic way."
Marcello Cazzaniga, curator, Camaver Kunsthaus, ITALY

"Lee Panizza is striving for a dynamic beauty, an emotional geometry.", online curated art website, USA